UK Bath Towel Sizes – A Quick & Simple Guide

Size, weight, material and style are all important considerations that impact on usage and durability of a bath towel however at Portfolio Home, we believe choosing the right sized towels for your business needn’t be difficult.

UK Bath Towels Sizes

Hand Towels

A small everyday towel for drying hands after washing.

Bath Towels

An essential for the bathroom, the bath towel is used for drying after a bath or shower.

Bath Sheets

A large towel that offers more coverage and again similar to a bath towel, is used for drying after a bath or shower.

What does the GSM or weight of a towel mean?

In short, the weight of the towel indicates the towels absorbency and fluffiness. This is known as the measure, grams per square metre of fabric (gsm). Generally, the higher the gsm, the thicker and more absorbent the towel. Click here to find out more .

At Portfolio Home our towel range offers hotel style quality with 100% cotton, 400-600gsm towels to offer premium weights at affordable prices. You can request a FREE brochure, images and product details across of range of towels by clicking here.

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