Team Member – Megan Naylor

Junior Designer

Megan Naylor, our new Junior Designer has plenty of passion for interior textiles, succeeding in both her GCSE Graphics, and BTEC Art and Design. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Surface Pattern Design from Staffordshire University and has experience working as a Freelance Prints Designer. Megan’s journey continues here at Portfolio Home, where she is ready to transform ideas from graphics into fabrics.

Megan enjoys every aspect of art, from learning how to oil paint from a very young age to articulating intricate and technical graphics using ProCreate and PhotoShop. She prefers to sketch her designs onto these apps to be printed onto textiles. Megan is explorative with colour schemes and is up to date with current trends; she is always experimenting with patterns to create contemporary textile designs. Her confidence shines through her art, particularly focusing on her interest in animal prints, patterns, and textures.