Make a bold statement with the new trend Ochre

Ochre has risen in popularity over the last few months and this is how you can add it to any room to make that bold statement. Yellow ochre ranges from golden to light brownish and is one of the oldest tints and it’s making a stylish return to fashion.

What can you add ochre to?

Ochre can be added to your room to create that bold vision. If you have a pastel colour bedroom having an ochre duvet set, curtain, cushion or a throw can really make it pop. When accessorising with this colour, it adds brightness, richness and energy, similar to other yellows, however it’s more subdued and stylish.

What colours go well with ochre?

Ochre can sometimes be a difficult colour to match as it’s bold. It goes well with and compliments navy blue or cool greys. The rich yellow colour beautifully balances chilly blue tones to make it stand out.

Why choose ochre?

Adding ochre to any room makes is cosy and enhances warmth, even if it’s a large and open space. Used as an accessory it an increase brightness, richness and energy, it creates a bold and stylish statement. Ochre is the mature and rich yellow.

Our Ochre range

We have our fresh and beautifully painted spacious ochre floral trail, coloured in coordinating grey decorate flowers, all over reverse Yasmina duvet set. It’s a simply stunning addition to any bedroom.

Our Joe Super king ochre duvet set with hand painted dots beautifully crafted to cascade from the top border down to jewel like motifs, in fashionable colours of grey and ochre with a soft linen texture print.

The eyelet Springfield ochre curtains with a delicate watercolour floral, natural tone enhanced with a gentle shade of ochre brush strokes, this comes with a matching cushion cover.

We have created an ochre mood board on Pinterest to show where our inspiration came from.

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