How To Dress Your Bed…

Take beds from boring to beautiful with these styling tips.

1. Flip it and reverse it

A current trend in bedding is reversible duvet covers and mixing prints. All of our print collection are reversible, not only does this provide two options but  – you can change the look daily and it adds a fantastic additional feature to a bed when the top of the duvet cover is turned down.

2. Throw on a Throw

Throws are still a great styling device for beds, whether you go for the neatly folded look or the new trend casual drape it’s the perfect addition for along the bottom of the bed. Take a look at our Epsom throw.

3. That’s Cushions Covered

Cushions are still an essential for a super stylish bed. But how many should you have?

They say three is a magic number in styling. But maybe stick to under six in total in a Super King or King and three for a Single and double. You can mix cushions in different shapes, colours, designs and textures for a current look. Our Prestige collection has a variety of luxury cushions in all different sizes and textures.

4. Lavishly Layer

Texture and layering is another key trend in Autumn/ Winter interior trend. Most people aim for the casual elegance look, which means layering up bedding and accessories for an effortless look that doesn’t try too hard. The most trending textures for this season include velvets, patchwork and metallics. Our boulevard duvet set has a perfect velvet texture.

5. Create a theme or colour palette

Create a theme of colour palette for your room. For example, the bedding can either complement the room or be the stand out addition making the bed the focal point then building a theme around the bedding design. Take a look at our Orkney.

6. Attention to detail

Dressing beds is all about attention to detail. Small details like a button, exposed zip, piped edge or metallic foiling can add that extra layer of sophistication to bed styling. Take a look at Oak Tree.

 We have many stunning designs to choose from and plenty of new designs coming soon. We offer everything from bed linen to accessories you can mix and match to help create a stunning look.

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