How To Dress Your Bed In The Most Stylish Way.

Beds can be boring so why not change that to something more exciting? With bedding and accessories from Portfolio Home you will be able to do this.

1. Flip it, reverse it, switch it.

A popular trend in bedding is reversible duvet covers and mixing designs. This not only gives you two options, you can change the look daily depending on your mood. It’s a great addition to add to your room and all of our designs at Portfolio Home are reversible and offers two designs in one.

2. Throw, throw, throw

Throws are great way to style your bed and add colour. Out with the neat and in with the messy look, as it is trendy to have it scattered across the end of your bed creating that informal effect.

3. Cushions, on cushions, on cushions

Is there such a thing as having too many cushions? This is an essential for adding the stylish on trend look to your bedroom.

Three cushions are normally the recommendation in styling you bed but it does depend on your style and the size of your bed a king bed could hold no more than six. Three for a single/double bed.

Mix cushions in different shapes, colours, designs and textures for a more stylish look, and display in formal way. Having two bigger cushions and then a smaller one just in front is the current trend.

4. To tuck in or out?

This sis a frequently asked question in regards to styling your bed. Do the pillows and duvet set look better tucked in or out? It depends on the look you wish to go for but our personal opinion at Portfolio Home is out plus it saves you time in the morning.

5. Adding the layers

Adding layers is another popular trend this season, with the cold nights coming in not only does it add extra warmth but extra style meaning you can colour coordinate with blankets and throw overs. Try adding different textures to spice things up.

6. Create a theme or colour palette

Create a colour theme or palette, if you have a plain neutral colour theme on your walls try adding a bold or statement colour duvet to add style. It helps to create a focal point in your bedroom and compliments your room.

7. Attention to detail is key

Adding attention to detail to bedding could be key to your room, small details like raised jacquard, embroidery or sequences can add that extra layers of sophistication. For example, our shimmer duvet set adds a nice shine to a room.

8. Long lasting quality

You do get what you pay for when it comes to bedding, if you pay for a more high-end quality duvet set like Oak Tree you will get a better look and feel. The quality of the material is higher end the more you spend which overall will last you longer and feel better against your skin.

At Portfolio Home we have created a range of designs offering you the perfect components to create your perfect room from duvet sets, cushions, blankets and throw overs.

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