How can you benefit from using cotton bedding in summer?

It’s breathable

Cotton bedding is a pure material and it’s woven allowing the bedding set to make it breathable. In the night your body changes temperature when you’re asleep, cotton allows your skin to breathe and adapt to the temperature.

Soft on your skin

Is there any better feeling than fresh and clean cotton bedding? If you suffer with sensitive skin then cotton is the perfect material for you they soft fabric against your skin prevents making your skin feel irritated allowing you to have a better night sleep.

It lasts longer

As well as it being beneficial to your sleep or skin, cotton is also a long lasting quality material that could save you money in the long run. Why not spend money on a good quality bed cover that could last twice as long.

It’s low maintenance

Most cotton can go in the washing machine and is usually washed at 40 degrees making it easy to maintain and easier to keep clean.

We design cotton bedding because we believe it is a high quality material and it is ideal for hot weather and ensuring a good night sleep.

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