5 ways to get a better night sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to low energy levels, reduced productivity and health problems. It is advised that we ideally get 7 hours per night is required and we are on a mission to help you achieve just that with our five top tips.

1. Having a good pillow that helps support your head, neck and shoulders can be a key player in getting a good night sleep, as well as having the right texture against your skin. We provide a range of cushions including boudoir which come in the materials and textures of super soft brushed cotton or 100% cotton duvet covers.


2. Join the dark side with our blackout curtains. We naturally associate darkness with sleep this will help to block out any background light, perfect for light sleepers. However remember reduce your screen time and put your phone down a couple of hours before as the light activates the mind. We also do a kids range in our Kids Club Collection where you can get a matching  duvet to complete the look.

3. Did you know that you are meant to change your bed covers at least once a week? This will keep them fresh and give them the clean smell feeling to help you get a good night sleep. If you like to take pride in your bedding, while you sleep we have a luxury range perfect for that.

   4. Calming colours help to set a mood in your bedroom and naturally help you to feel calm and cosy. Natural and pastel colours produce a good aspect. Have you seen our Zig Zag natural duvet set it’s the perfect calming colour to add to your room.

   5. Being at the right temperature is important, to aid a good sleep. If you know you get cold at night why not accessorize with our throw collection and double up perfect for winter nights or use it as a duvet in the summer when having the covers on is too hot.

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