3 Ways To Refresh Your Autumn Bedding To Add Extra Warmth

  1. Warmer duvet/covers

Brushed cotton duvet covers are known for keeping the heating in and the cold out. This is due to the cotton brushing the surface side resulting in soft fabric and it retains heat but still makes it breathable and making it extra warm.

2. Cushions

Top up on cushions both for comfort and warmth you can build a protective fort blocking the cold out and keeping the warm in to ensure extra comfort.

3. Throws

Warm fluffy throws add an extra layer which is perfect for winter it provides extra warmth. Our Christmas range has a number of new throws including Snowy Penguins and Scandi but still not forgetting the old favourites like Lazy Bear.

Stay warm this winter by adding a thick duvet/duvet cover, add cushions and a throws for more warmth and comfort to providing that extra cosiness feel.

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