3 reasons why you should use a mood board in design

Mood boards are a collection of assets, patterns and styles. It’s a place where you can openly experiment with different colours and textures. It also allows a creative flow and the ability to show clients or the rest of your team a virtual brain storm.

They are known for being a great time saver in the creative world, why are they so effective and when they should be used?

1.They help establish the basics.

Mood boards are a great starting point and they help the creative journey that eventually leads into style guides, colour palettes and layouts.

2. Makes collaboration easier

They allow easy collaboration with your clients and can capture the latest trends. There is nothing worse than spending hours creating a design for your client that doesn’t fit the brief. It can be pinned to the wall and the whole team can work visually and collaboratively from it.

3. They are a time saver

Designs can be easily added and removed in real time from the mood board, more effortlessly than a digital version. It’s easier to brainstorm ideas, send it to clients or share with the team.

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